About KrisTeas

I have always been and will continue to be an avid believer in tea remedies. I drink tea daily for both my mental and physical health. When I first began drinking tea, I drank it for the health benefits as well as the added benefit of caffeine. However, I eventually came to the realization that tea provides an uncanny relaxation and calmness that I couldn’t get from anything else. There is nothing better than sitting with a good book, a candle, and a hot cup of tea to calm down the soul.

Stress can have detrimental and lasting effects on overall health and wellness and it is crucial that everyone takes time to de-stress and calm down. After a traumatic experience happened to one of my dear loved ones due to stress, I began studying and looking more into meditation and stress prevention. Through this, I became a meditation and yoga instructor and have focused on my self-care and wellness in my everyday life.

Now, I am on a mission to ensure that everyone takes the time to care for themselves and relieve their stress through loose-leaf teas and accessories and meditation practices. This not only guarantees you yummy teas, but also provides and experience of calmness and relaxation.

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