Talk Tea Thursdays - Tips to Drinking Green Tea

July 04, 2019

Happy 4th!!!  I hope everyone is having a great Holidays!

green tea is consumed for enjoyment and health reasons. In fact, drinking green tea may be one of the simplest and best habits you can pick up to protect your health. Green tea’s potent anti-oxidants have been shown to have many health benefits. Long term green tea drinking has been shown to prevent many forms of cancer, heart disease and high cholesterol. In addition, green tea has been shown to be an effective weight loss supplement and to regulate insulin naturally.  

To make your own green tea, you must first choose a green tea variety. This may be the most difficult task of all, because there are so many varieties of green tea available. In fact, there is a saying that in China alone there are as many varieties of green tea as there are towns.  KrisTeas has plenty of varieties to chose from.  If you are not sure, just ask!

Some of the most popular varieties of green tea include the following:

• Gunpowder Tea – known for its smokiness, Gunpowder tea is a tightly rolled pearl that unfolds as it steeps to reveal a pale green brew and beautiful tea leaves.

• Sencha – This is a traditional Japanese green tea that is a favorite of the Japanese people for serving to guests. It is grown in the shadow of Mt. Fuji.

If you’d like to try flavored green tea, it is often found combined with the flavors of vanilla, jasmine and mint.

To brew the perfect cup of green tea, fill your kettle with fresh cold water and place it on the stove to heat. While the water is heating, add warm tap water to your teapot and your cups, if you wish, to warm them.

When the water comes to a boil, remove it from the heat and remove the tap water from your teapot. Let the water sit for about 2 minutes to let the water cool down a little. Green tea should be brewed with water that is about 160°F, which is cooler than other teas. Add about 1 teaspoon of tea leaves per cup to your teapot and pour the hot water over the leaves.
Most green tea should steep about 1-2 minutes before serving. The best green tea will give you 2-3 infusions.

Whether you choose green tea to use in a traditional ceremony, to protect your health or just because you love it, you’ve made a wise choice. There’s certainly a reason that green tea is used in so many ceremonies and so highly revered in the Asian world. It’s a natural way to celebrate an occasion that’s healthy and delicious, too.